Discerning the Darkness

The darkness has been calling 
It has been calling for awhile but
I have spent so much time afraid
Afraid that the darkness would consume me, 
Spit me out, dead in the water, 
Just like my brother. 

In the fear I sought out only the light
From external beams, leaving my eyes
Crusted, dry and forever open. 
The divine mother has been calling, 
Attempting all ways to reach me, 
To show me that the darkness is the way. 

At a winter solstice gathering, chanting in unison
A song for the darkness took me inward, 
In community I learned that to stand still and
Wait with patience, light will arise out of 
Darkness and lead me. 

Here in this darkness I have seen where
Seeds are planted, sometimes best grown
In the cracks of concrete crumbling with each
Revelation of what is “real.”

Here in this darkness I have felt spirit
Discerning her fluid beings to surround me
To support me and offer themselves to my
Highest good. Our highest good. 

Here in this darkness, I wait. 
I receive, I seed, I grow, 
I become. 


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