Dream #43

Up and down, creaking white stairs dusted with emptiness, a book case book-ends myconfusion of place, fading smallimages of children decoratethe growing goosebumps along my arms “take what you need”an omniscient voice beckons meto the pantry piled with sustenancefor the journey ahead. Recoiling the steps it took to get me here,I don’t know how to get home, to move myContinue reading “Dream #43”

Dream #7

Encircled timelines slide sloppilyacross kisses from bearded chinsto smooth, soft lips and pools of icy blueset deep into pale skin, a silent urgingfor my impatience to quell before I set off to the moon and back to declaremy love.  Puffy white coats and frost bitten grasscrunch under onlookers restless feetshifting, uncomfortable, but can not look away. HeldContinue reading “Dream #7”

Poem #52

Where I used to drown,gasping for grasps on reality, the depths of potential“Should’ve” & “What if’s” pounding like wavesyou may be familiar?  Reduced to a larval stage,to grow again from teachings grounded in graciousnessand mystery. Our bonded roots flourishin communal soil, collaborationstrengthens our growthwe are one-we are many  

Poem #32

An afternoon hollowedby caffeine drop, pinningblank memories in the spacebehind my eyes, the shell of myselffingers at keyboard ready to fulfillcommitments of success. Her curiousnature peers off the back stepinviting my mind, body and spirit toreconvene in the crisp air with herby my side. bursts of color shake loose the spell of numbness,  pullthe prayer fromContinue reading “Poem #32”

Poem #96

A duchess shouts her morning greetings to the taunting squirrels tight rope walkingbetween their yard and mine. Rock music pounds, an enlivened soundtrack rocking in and outleg pressed to your ear, holdingme open to softened light and a cool breezeI am close, a squeeze andcollapse of sounds, held there between ourchests until we pull away and decide who’s going toget the coffeeContinue reading “Poem #96”