my mind wanders
and returns with these words

A Heart Holding Life

She is made of a framework weary from the chemicals to cure her rare illness. Dirty blonde hair hangs just below her shoulders, beautifully combed and pinned away from her face in a red bow. A presence of pure compassion emanates from her frail bones cloth’d in pink and white. Situated on her chest, a…

Discerning the Darkness

The darkness has been calling It has been calling for awhile butI have spent so much time afraidAfraid that the darkness would consume me, Spit me out, dead in the water, Just like my brother.  In the fear I sought out only the lightFrom external beams, leaving my eyesCrusted, dry and forever open. The divine mother has been calling, Attempting…

Dream #4

Leg hitched the wrong way around a horses neck, reigns wrapped around my waist, an uncontrollable pace throttles my unsteady conviction and peripheral vision forward  as I panic to right myself or fall to my death down this grassy knoll. The group waits at the shore to embark on a boat with no rules. Fuck who you want and when it re situates it’s anchor we…

Poem #37

Waves of frozen air whip across glittering groundThe sun in our eyes-before the melt Peanuts on the groundWaxing moon hung in the skyThe sun in our eyes-after the melt


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About Me

Hi, I’m Rowe (they/them). I am a curious being exploring the intersections of our internal and external realities through weaving and writing.

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